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Our guidelines

Welcome to our veterinary laboratory…

Feel free to have a look at our service guide. To submit kindly print our submission form and hand it in with your sample.

• All samples must be accompanied with a fully completed submission form. One submission form can be used for multiple samples from one animal.

• We expect you to clearly lable with animal name, ID and sampling date. Sample site must be indicated in the case of bacteriology samples. We are not responsible for mislabelled or unlabelled submissions.

• All samples should be as fresh as possible, securely packaged in leak-proof individual containers, maintained under appropriate conditions/ temperature during transportation. We are not responsible for inadequately processed samples (clotted, low volumes, contaminated).

• Kindly send us your samples before noon to ensure receiving your results in line with the turnaround timings mentioned on the price list.

• Please note that hormone assays (ELISA) are run on Mondays. We would like you to submit your samples no later than Sunday afternoon 4.30 pm.

• Results can be delivered by fax, email or direct phone messages. It is possible to provide printed reports as well. Kindly indicate your preference on your submission form. Reports will be emailed unless an alternative method is selected.

• Our preferred method of payment is cash on submission. Further possibilities of sorting out your account (e.g. within 30 days of invoiced date) can be discussed with our Head laboratory technician Ms. Ruchira, our Clinic Manager Dr. Doreen or Practice Manager Ms. Andrea.

For any inquiries, please feel free to contact us
Phone: 055 9998570