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  • NASVC offers the full range of high quality services expected from a professional and modern pet, avian and wildlife clinic.

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Welcome to Nad Al Shiba Veterinary Clinic

If you live in Dubai or the surrounding area, then you have picked the perfect site to find a veterinarian. We are established since 2004 - our devoted and highly motivated team is looking forward to welcoming you and your animal to our Veterinary Clinic. We will take every step to give the best possible care.

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About our Veterinary Clinic

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It is our priority to provide the finest veterinary care for your beloved animal. Our clinic is a place of healing, warmth and goodwill. We believe that each animal is an individual with his/her own unique personality. With highly dedicated staff members, we follow our mission of providing the most comprehensive veterinary service for our patients and clients.

Our multi-cultural and multi-lingual professional team offers the highest standard of veterinary care for your animal. We strive to offer our clients the best veterinary medicine available in the UAE using state-of-the-art technology. It is our goal that you as the owner is well informed and comfortable with all decisions made regarding your animal.

Meet Our Team

We prefer to see your animal during a booked appointment but are also willing to see walk-ins when we are free. Please book your appointment directly with our receptionists during working hours via phone or kindly use our online appointment form. If you are unable to keep an appointment, please inform us as soon as possible. We can then use this time to see other animals.


Nad Al Shiba Veterinary Clinic is a full service animal clinic. We deal professionally with non-urgent appointments such as daily consultations, routine surgeries and further medical issues.

Consultation by professionals

Our experienced veterinarians are listening to your concerns and are performing a full exam with every single animal. If needed we will guide you through a further medical plan e.g. sampling (blood withdrawals, feces samples, skin scrapes etc.) and/or medical work-ups e.g. x-rays, ultrasound or endoscopy. We educate you about preventive procedures for a healthy animal life, diseases, husbandry and much more during our consultations.


This "inside camera" gives us the opportunity to look inside the body of the patient. We use it regularly in pets and wildlife to check ears, for air sac check-ups in various avian breeds, and we are able to "fish for foreign bodies" in the nose, trachea and stomach of different species of animals.

Ultrasound ( Heart, Abdomen )

This non-invasive diagnostic tool allows us to have a proper look inside your animal. With our equipment (using different sized probes) we are able to check the heart and all abdominal organs. Ultrasound is used for pregnancy detection, to check for cardiac dysfunction, as well as kidney and liver diseases.


Our modern digital x-ray equipment produces clear, detailed diagnostic images which our vets' qualified eyes interpret to gain the first overview of the inside of your animal. We can then plan further required procedures (ultrasound, endoscopy or surgery) or confirm specific diseases.

Comprehensively equipped in-house laboratory

Our laboratory is fully equipped. Our highly qualified laboratory technicians process the majority of our samples, however some tests, such as Psittacine Beak and Feather Disease (PBFD), Chlamydiosis, histopathology or specific feline virus tests, are sent to Certified Laboratories. Our laboratory is also used by a large number of other veterinary hospitals, private animal collections, fun parks and hotels in the UAE.
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Large species-specific clinic area

If necessary your animal will be admitted and you will be updated about its status and treatment. We provide a clean, safe, and spacious hospitalization area where we keep the animals separated, well-observed and treated by our In-Patient team (vet and nurse). Our separate quarantine facilities and associated special care allow us to treat animals with contagious diseases without any risk of harm to other patients or our staff members. During our working hours you are most welcome to visit your precious animal.


In our clean and professional surgical facility we perform both routine and complex surgeries as required. Please contact one of our veterinarians for further details.

Pet Shop

Our pet supply store offers an extensive range of veterinary approved diets for dogs, cats and exotic pets, such as parrots, reptiles, ferrets and small rodents.

Our Patients

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    All types of Avians
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Consultations preferably by booked appointments. Walk-ins will be seen if possible within or animal will get admitted. Please fill in the appointment form on our site or call us to set an appointment.

Nad Al Shiba Veterinary Clinic
Off Street 34 - Nad Al Shiba 1

25°08'05.1"N 55°18'01.4"E
25.134741, 55.300385


Phone: +971 56 2760 434 or +971 58 5891 813

Opening Hours

Monday - Saturday 08:00AM 07:00PM


+971 56 2760 434 or +971 58 5891 813